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Broken Landscapes

Walk around the Russian wilderness in Metro Exodus for long enough and you’ll pick up on something strange: the landscapes are all in a certain sense broken.

There are some segments in Moscow, Yamantau, and a place known as the Dead City, but Metro Exodus basically has three different areas to explore. These are the Volga, Caspian Sea, and Taiga regions. Relative to their counterparts in the real world, they’re all represented in the game as being warped in some way, shape, or form. Flowing through central Russia, the Volga River for example is actually surrounded by rolling hills, flat farmland, and plenty of forest, but you’ll find only muddy marshes in Metro Exodus. The expansive Caspian Sea has apparently dried up. The totally firm Taiga seems to have been torn apart by shifting tectonics. Regardless of which region you explore in the game, you’ll be looking at what amounts to a broken landscape.

What meaning is there behind these broken landscapes? The game is clearly commenting …

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