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Man and Machine

There’s a particular bond which develops between man and machine. You can see it in how race car drivers talk about their cars. You can see it in how sailors talk about their ships, too.

I definitely understand the feeling. As a professional pilot, I’ve developed a certain attachment to many of the airplanes which I’ve had the privilege of flying. I’m definitely not the only one, either. Somewhat strange turns of phrase like “I’m a Dash 8” or “we’re a Beech 1900” can be heard in airports around the world. Pilots clearly identify with their planes.

The developer behind Mad Max, Avalanche, managed to capture this relationship between man and machine pretty much perfectly. Spend enough time driving around its massive open world and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s tough to get through the game without feeling a certain connection to your car - the Magnum Opus.

Why do people develop such strong attachments to machines like the Magnum Opus? The principles of Self-Determination Theor…

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